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QuanZhou Tie Tong Electronic Equipments Co.,LTD

Adress:No.13 Zihua street Jiangnan Hi-tech Industrial area Nanhuan Road Quanzhou city ,Fujian province

Tel:  0595-28760111

Email:  cathy@tietong-wl.com  

Skype: live:.cid.e7858c796d49165c

The company 25 acres of land, has a standard manufacture , office buildings and other life supporting facilities for a total area of 25000 square meters. The company was formerly state-owned enterprises Quanzhou electronic instrument factory, factory communications equipment in Quanzhou carp (founded in 1966) by up the restructuring of the joint-stock limited liability company, 40 years of production and management of the communication equipment and electronic products, in product development, production process management, process quality control and equipment installation, commissioning and after sale technical service etc. have accumulated rich experience.


Research and development of products

The company technology center is the "railway wireless communication industry in Fujian province spark technology innovation center", has jurisdiction over six project development department and Engineering Department, office, standard room, technical room, the existing technology, all kinds of professional and technical personnel 116 people. The company also established long-term R & D cooperation with Telecom Research Institute of the Ministry of railways, four, institutions of higher learning. There is a national key Torch Program projects and national torch plan project each 1 completed or are taking the science and technology project, national key new product project 2, provincial, municipal key science and technology project 10. In RF and microwave, such as the construction of computer software and hardware, wireless communication, digital communication, antenna, signal sensing and automatic control etc., have many independent core technology, obtained 16 national patents, 2 software copyrights, a number of products has won the Ministry, provincial, municipal science and technology award, 2007 annual Fujian Province won the five one labor certificate of merit.


Technology Center



The use of advanced management system of supply chain, supplier and the international first-class components and equipment (Mitsubishi, NEC, Philips, Motorola, Kenwood, beautiful letter, IT) to establish a long-term stable relations of cooperation. Product performance more stable, safe, reliable, and thereby to establish the competitive advantage in the market.

The whole production process of strict implementation of ISO9001:2000 quality system. Perfect quality management, in strict accordance with the national standards, high temperature, low temperature, constant temperature, vibration of the products, waterproof, dustproof and other aging test, make the product more stable and reliable performance.

Quality management

In strict accordance with the ISO9001:2000 quality system implementation, 100% inspection, performance test, high and low temperature test, vibration test, long time uninterrupted operation, accelerated ageing experiment.