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People-oriented, irfpa education, choose and employ persons, director of the
People-oriented: we adhere to the humanized management idea, is the employee is treated as a complete personality.Actually experience, position, ability differences are minor, "wen dao has successively, there are specialize in", such as everyone is flat on character, if there is a rival, is also because of moral character, ability, rather than a job.Therefore, we provide every employee a equal, harmonious working environment.Pay attention to talent incentive, we pay attention to both the economic shock excitation method, such as the perfect performance evaluation system, self development, the flexibility of work, the chance of promotion, praise and affirmation, communication, participation in decision-making and so on, also very the attention economic incentives, such as reward, general manager of gold, is dedicated to special contributions to the incentive of invention and innovation personnel, because in a sense, the lawful income of money, not just to improve the quality of people's lives, and is a reflection of their own value, but also people are an indicator of how much make contributions to society.Perfect salary system, therefore, the bonus (month, year awards), all kinds of insurance, paid vacation, holiday benefits, quarter labor insurance products such as all become our incentive talent, is also the key factor for companies attract talent, retain talent.
Introduction education director of choose and employ persons: on talent strategic plan, we insist on "introduction education" strategy.Specifically, in terms of talent introduction, we according to both short-term and long-term company strategic target, formulate corresponding short - and long-term plan of choose and employ persons, and according to the different positions of choose and employ persons, draw up responsibility requirements, the introduction of high-quality talent as required;Anyone after the company goes through the system of training, evaluation, for our employees ongoing skills education, culture education, make the enterprise values throughout, making employees on knowledge maintains highly consistent with the company;In imparting professional knowledge to staff at the same time, we also pays attention to help employees to improve the overall quality, every company USES a portion of the management work, competition with competitive mechanism, and will also send some staff to participate in a variety of professional training, even sent abroad to learn foreign advanced technology, to give full play of employees, director of the.
Company to rapid development, does depend on the staff of the international spirit and hard struggle, now sincerely invite you to join us, let us hand in hand for the company's second startup wrote a brilliant chapter!