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QuanZhou Tie Tong Electronic Equipments Co.,LTD

Adress:No.13 Zihua street Jiangnan Hi-tech Industrial area Nanhuan Road Quanzhou city ,Fujian province

Tel:  0595-28760111

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 Leadership as the core, reach down and extensions.Not only ensure the company's centralized and unified management system, and can be under the leadership of the administrator, give full play to the role of the professional management institutions.To maintain the company's core competitiveness, achieve the company's long-term development laid a solid foundation.


Main functions:
The general manager room: representatives from the general manager, the manager, deputy general manager, chief engineer and other senior management personnel, responsible for the company's operation and management decision making.
Technology center: the project quality planning;Design and test product research and development;Technical standard and technical documents management;Engineering survey design and equipment installation, commissioning and maintenance services of technical support.
Marketing center: product sales;Engineering project bidding and user requirements review;Site engineering equipment installation, debugging and maintenance service of the organization and implementation;Pre-sale, sale, after-sales service;Contact customer communication and satisfaction measurement and evaluation.
Production management department: production, purchasing, warehouse, equipment, management and implementation;Process quality control.
Quality management: feed, process, finished product and shipment inspection;Product verification and test;Measuring instrument management;Customer product repair;Unqualified corrective and preventive.
Personnel department: human resources;Training;Logistical support.
Financial management department: cost accounting;Money management.